Simplifying communication has been my passion for a long time. Which is kind of funny considering that I’m not on Twitter or Facebook, and I don’t spend my days chatting with friends in messaging apps.

Several years ago, I founded a platform for easy video calling called Gruveo. Shortly thereafter, frustrated with the chat apps on my phone, I came up with an idea for a super simple voice messaging app, which would later become Overtalk.

The idea had to wait because Gruveo demanded my full attention for a number of years. Throughout all this time, however, I kept returning to Overtalk in my mind and refining my vision of the app.

Overtalk’s time has finally come and I’m proud to present it to the world. Just like with Gruveo, I coded the first version myself, learning a new programming language and a number of new technologies along the way.

Overtalk fulfills my vision for ultra simple, instant communication where you don’t need to type or tap buttons on your phone screen. All you need to do is raise the phone to your ear and speak your message. Everything else is taken care of for you automatically.

I use Overtalk daily and I can’t imagine my life without it by now. Give it a try, you might enjoy it too!

Art Matsak

Art Matsak